By Dave Ashton

If you have been following the tricky transition between gas and EV muscle cars, you’ll understand the rocky years ahead for both makers and consumers. There are lots of areas to consider such as government mandates, public perceptions, emerging technologies, infrastructure, and the obvious lack of real ‘vroom’ noises. No matter how up-to-date you are with the current developments in the muscle car world, a nice summary report is always needed.

In the video below, Lauren Fix provides straightforward and eloquent answers to the present state of play. In a nutshell, the move to EVs is due to government mandates. Traditional gas-powered muscle cars are still hot property(old and new), especially in the collector’s market. It may even be worth buying a rare edition to store away as a future asset.

Dodge is arguably the first out of the blocks with a mainstream EV muscle car, in the form of the recently unveiled Charger SRT Daytona. A vehicle to not just replace an aging Charger and Challenger platform, but also to ease people into the idea of electric muscle cars.

Energy Storage and Recharge Speeds

Early adopters of EV vehicles have to live with long recharge times and potential range anxiety. In other words, hanging around while your car recharges, and will it go the distance? The ultimate aim is to have refueling capabilities as we enjoy now with ICE’s. The powers that be are working on these problems, and we are getting closer, but we are just not quite there yet..

Lithium-ion and lithium-iron phosphate batteries are the most widely used in current Ev’s. Tesla is a big user of both these types of batteries, as with all other car makers most likely up to 2030.
Other battery types such as solid-state could be a thing of the future, but we have a good few years to wait on this one. This means that if you are in no hurry to buy an EV, 5-10 years from now, range and storage speeds could be completely different.

One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an ongoing process to improve range and recharging speeds. There will also be plenty of headlines in the coming years noting the latest battery tech. with ever-increasing performance. To filter out the noise, simply concentrate on what the manufacturers have put into their latest vehicles, as that’s what we’ll be using during the ownership of the vehicle.


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