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Dodge Demon 170

By Dave Ashton

Dodge has recently released the last of their ICE muscle cars in the form of six limited edition models. The last of these is the Dodge Demon 170 with over 1000HP. What was recently perplexing to everybody were the teaser videos of the Dodge Demon 170 which seem to feature some sort of leprechauns or ghouls, leading to the usual amount of rumours online. Now the full story behind the videos has emerged.

Apparently, when Dodge was kicking around ideas for the teaser videos, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis dreamt one night about evil little characters which basically became the backbone to the 2023 Challenger SRT Demon 170 video campaign. These leprechaun-type characters moved very fast and didn’t mind indulging in a spot of alcohol. Their corn-based alcohol has the same colour of yellow as E85 ethanol, which also looked like a typical leprechaun’s hoard of gold. At this point, just go with the fact that dreams are weird, and you can interpret them any way you like.

Basically, this dream state was distilled down into the official press release of the characters in the teaser video being Corn Demons. A character or spirit devised from German mythology inhabits cornfields and gets up to all manner of mischief. As the 1,025Hp Dodge Demon 170 is run off E85 ethanol which is corn-based, the whole concept seemed to work.

In other words, it’s a great way for Dodge to have some fun with the online community and see what conclusions they could draw from all the ambiguity. No matter what people thought of the teaser videos, Dodge has definitely released one of their most potent Challengers, and a fitting sendoff to some of the best vehicles in muscle car history.


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