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If we think back to the beginning of 2023, we were all resigned to the fact that EVs in all shapes and forms will be the future of road travel. From the smallest city car to large-scale trucks, electric vehicles seemed the way forward. This direction seemed more to do with legislation than public sentiment. But the tide seems to be turning against Evs in part, if the video below is to be believed.

While the video focuses on trucks and the lack of sales, it could also hint at the gap between the makers going all in on EVs and production and the real-life uses of these vehicles.
While EVs have more instant torque than ICE cars, and are more environmentally friendly on the surface, an ICE vehicle is still cheaper and more convenient to run daily. The basic luxury of an internal combustion engine vehicle to fill up and be on its way in 5 minutes is still a huge factor.

We could be just going through a ‘teething’ phase where the EV makers are ironing out all the bugs. Plus, in the short term, Ev’s will be more expensive than an internal combustion engine car, if only for the amount of tech. they house.

High-end performance vehicles such as muscle cars may be in a different category. As in they may not be used on a daily basis, so the daily EV inconveniences won’t matter so much. For the average worker who is on the clock every day, stopping for even 30 minutes to refuel can become costly.
If an EV car or truck only travels within built-up areas with lots of charge points, then it’s an easier life. In rural areas, you can’t exactly bring a few gallons of electricity to a truck to get it going which you can with diesel if it runs out of fuel. In other words, until the infrastructure is in place where charge points are everywhere, ICE vehicles will be around much longer than we think.

So, it seems the public is not 100% convinced EVs are the whole way to go, or at least not yet. It will be very interesting to see how the electric Dodge Charger and Challenger are perceived in the coming years, like a band that changes their sound and look completely. They lose some fans but hopefully gain a new audience. However, the change in direction can also go the other way.


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