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By Dave Ashton

The modern vehicle production line is one of the most optimized and efficient processes in manufacturing. The video below shows the start-to-end process of producing the Dodge Challenger, along with various other Stellantis vehicles.

We have shown in the past a shorter version of this video. This one is the full-blown 3 1/2 hours version, showing all the nitty-gritty details of production.
One fascinating aspect of the whole process is the levels of efficiency maintained from start to finish. Many jobs from the past which were performed by humans are now done by robots, but it still takes human interaction for trickier tasks or to overview if the process is going smoothly. Gone are the days of eyeballing if a fender fitted properly or workers hand painting panels.

How we used to build cars

As a comparison between the new and old ways of doing things, the video below is from Graveyard Carz which replicates the assembly line for the 1968 Dodge Charger. While there are promotional snippets of video online from the production line back in the day, the video below shows the process in high definition and discusses each step in a more thorough manner.


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