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Have you ever pondered which American states have the largest majority of car fans, collectors, etc.? Chrysler Capital has collated all this information for us into easy-to-digest info. graphics showing the states with the largest amount of car enthusiasts.

While the information is generic, factoring in all car types, the data shows a healthy interest in the scene in general.

Snapshot takeaway:

  • Delaware ranks as the best state for car enthusiasts
  • Florida plays host to the most racetracks in America
  • With 149 car clubs, Texas ranks best for car meet and greets

Chrysler Capital has taken a number of metrics to work out which states are the best for car enthusiasts to visit. These metrics include the number of people per vehicle, square miles per race track, square miles per car club, square miles per every car event, and square miles per every race track experience.

Here’s what they found:

Delaware ranks as the best state for car enthusiasts

Chrysler - best states for car enthusiasts - top 10

Rank State People per vehicles Sq. miles per every race track Sq. miles per every car club Sq. miles per every car event Sq. miles per every race track experience Car Enthusiast Score
1 Delaware 2.4 1,244 100 311 1,244 99.2
2 Connecticut 2.9 1,386 231 396 1,848 96.0
3 New Jersey 3.5 1,745 148 165 2,908 93.6
4 Ohio 2.8 2,988 862 575 22,413 88.8
5 North Carolina 3.2 2,691 538 1,631 5,980 88.4
6 Illinois 3.0 3,861 681 905 14,478 86.8
7 Indiana 3.2 1,734 867 597 36,420 86.4
8 Maryland 3.3 4,135 243 591 12,406 86.4
9 Florida 2.8 2,740 756 2,529 5,058 84.0
10 Massachusetts 3.5 3,518 422 1,759 5,277 82.8

Interestingly, most of the best states for car enthusiasts are found on the East Coast. The very best state was found to be Delaware, which has an overall Car Enthusiast Score of 99.2/100.

Partly due to the compact size of the state, car enthusiasts can find a car club every 100 square miles, so they won’t have to drive far to meet up with like-minded friends. There’s also a car event every 311 square miles, a racetrack and racetrack experience every 1,244 square miles, and just 2.4 people for every vehicle in the state.

Florida plays host to the most racetracks

Rank State Race Tracks
1 Florida 24
2 California 22
3 Indiana 21
4 North Carolina 20
5 Michigan 18
6 Texas 16
7 Illinois 15
8 Wisconsin 15
9 Ohio 15
10 Tennessee 14

When it comes to the greatest number of racetracks, you can’t beat sunny Florida which has an impressive total of 24 tracks. If you’re a fan of NASCAR, the Homestead-Miami Speedway is well worth a visit. Another great option to consider is a trip to the Palm Beach International Raceway, which offers a range of tracks including a quarter mile drag strip, a two-mile road course, plus kart and mud racing tracks.

States with the most car clubs

Chrysler - best states for car enthusiasts - car clubs

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