Porsche has recalled about 8,100 911 sports cars from model years 2020 through 2024 to correct an unusual problem. Their windshields and rear windows may rattle loose. Strangely, that can keep the airbags from functioning correctly.

Porsche tells federal safety officials that a contractor may not have cleaned the glass properly before bonding it to the car in all cases. “Under certain conditions, the lightweight glass may become partially detached over the service life of the vehicle.”

Owners might notice wind noise or accumulated moisture inside the glass as the problem develops.

“In an accident situation where the front airbags are deployed, it cannot be guaranteed that the proportion of correct bonding is sufficient to achieve the full protective effect of the airbags,” Porsche says. “This could increase the risk of injuries in a crash.”

Porsche is unaware of any injuries related to the problem – just 15 warranty claims “concerning cloudy surfaces or other optical deficiencies.

Dealers will inspect both windows and replace them if anything seems suspicious.

By law, recall repairs are always free.

Automakers try to reach every owner with recall notices, but some always slip through the cracks. That leaves millions of Americans driving cars with safety defects they could get repaired free of charge. Find out if your vehicle has unaddressed recalls at our recall center.

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