By Dave Ashton

The original DeLorean DMC-12 could have ended up a short-lived, esoteric car if it wasn’t for a certain ‘Back to the Future’ film franchise. The ‘BTTF’ movies were so successful, the DeLorean was cemented in science-fiction movie history and the public’s consciousness. After a few failed starts at bringing back the car over the years, it now seems that there will be an Electric DeLorean vehicle launched at this August’s 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 wasn’t exactly a muscle car per se, and now with an upcoming electric powertrain, is even less so. But, the new version is worth a mention as it appeals to the same generation as golden age muscle cars and may have an impact on EV muscle cars of the future. More on this later…

Time Travel has now gone Electric

DeLorean the company has already teased a promo video as below, with Tweets, along with initial ordering. But, what do we know about the car so far? It looks like the new version will have the iconic gullwing doors, with obviously some sort of electric powertrain – no details on this area as yet.

We can definitely expect a very futuristic design, marking the 40th anniversary of the original DeLorean DMC-12. We are guessing details about the car will slowly be drip-fed to us running up to the initial launch in August. For the time being, we have to make do with teaser clips and lots of bad puns about time travel.

In comparison, the original DeLorean DMC-12 was a plain steel sports car, featuring a 130bhp, 2.9-litre V6 engine.

Knock-on Effect

If this new electric DeLorean gains traction, it could have implications for future electric muscle cars. Like it or not, the car world is going electric which also opens the doors for bringing back past classics. We would all love to see a modern interpretation of a Chevrolet Chevelle SS or similar with a stinking huge V8, but at least a futuristic EV version would be the next best thing.

Bringing back a past classic such as the DeLorean in an EV format could spark interest in the old inventory. Why invent a new model when you can piggyback on the history of an old one. That may sound like a cynical statement, but the reality is that a recognized model name brings back familiarity and nostalgia. It also carries on the legacy of the original vehicles, as the designers know to make a nod to the past, while also implementing the latest features.

Electric powertrains aren’t exactly going to blow the hats off the average muscle car fan. But, at the least, the inevitable EV wave that is coming will hopefully incorporate the best of the old integrated with the best of the new. In that respect, we can’t really ask for more from future EV muscle cars.


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