The automotive world is as subject to trends as the fashion industry. In recent years, matte paint has been the new wide-leg look. Dulled colors have been the aftermarket rage, even if they’re not as easy to care for as you might hope.

Now, even factories are getting in on the act. Today, Ford announced that an “optional new Matte Clear Film can be applied to any currently available Mustang paint color to produce a smooth, satin-like finish.”

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The film has two advantages over an aftermarket matte paint job. Ford’s standard factory warranty covers it. And, as a film applied over clearcoat paint, it could protect the paint underneath.

Matte paint finishes often fade over repeated washing. But film can be removed. Whether you tire of the look, find it fading out of fashion, or see the wrap damaged after a few years, peeling it can leave you with a good-as-new finish beneath.

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The downside? Ford’s film starts at $5,995. Most aftermarket shops can repaint or wrap a Mustang for less.

Matte Clear Film, Ford says, “is available on all Mustang coupe models (EcoBoost, GT, and Dark Horse) and in all factory paint colors.” Dark Horse buyers must give up the standard hood accent stripe and optional painted racing stripe. Matte-wrapped deliveries begin in June, Ford says. The wrap “will be available on all Mustang convertible models in the fourth quarter of 2024.”

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