dodge demon 170

By Dave Ashton

Jay Leno recently had the chance to take the much-anticipated Dodge Challenger Demon 170 for a spin, and the results are impressive. CEO Tim Kuniskis provides an in-depth walk around of the muscle car before it races down the drag strip, one of the car’s specialities. As expected, the car has a ton of power under the hood, but Jay was also amazed by how well it handled on the roads.

The Demon 170 is equipped with a 6.2L HEMI V8 engine that produces an impressive 1,025 horsepower and 945 lb-ft of torque, the world’s quickest 0-60 production car with a time of 1.66 seconds, the highest acceleration g-force of any production car @ 2.004 Gs, and the first eight-second factory muscle car coming in at 8.91-seconds ET at 151.17 mph.

Although the impressive power of the car can be felt right away, Jay Leno pointed out that the Demon 170 also has great handling capabilities. On Launch front of the car lurches up, pulling a wheelie. Jay praised this as a great feat of engineering.

Interestingly, the car is not just a minor update of its predecessor, it is essentially an entirely new model. The engine was completely rebuilt, and all of the components have been “re-engineered from the ground up,” according to Kuniskis. No doubt this is why the car handles and drives so smoothly.

Overall, the experience with the Dodge Challenger Demon 170 left Jay Leno impressed. He praised aspects such as the power, the handling, and the innovative design of the vehicle. So, it looks like the Challenger Demon 170 is a must-have for any muscle car enthusiast.

Another impressive feature of the Challenger Demon 170 is its Drag Mode Launch System. This innovative system lets the driver launch the car off the line with minimal tire slip, resulting in smoother and faster starts.

The exterior of the car is also worth mentioning. The sleek curves and smooth lines haven’t been changed from previous models. As the Demon 170 is the last of this great line of Dodge Challengers, it makes sense to keep the same aesthetics. In time, this will show the Demon 170 as the pinnacle of this generation’s performance.

In order to further improve its performance, the Demon 170 has been outfitted with a range of aftermarket components. These include a cold air intake, a high-flow exhaust system, and better braking components. All of these parts are designed to work together to increase the car’s speed and handling capabilities.

The reason why this video is worth a watch is that the Jay Leno explanations are like listening to a fellow car enthusiast. It’s not just about the technical specifications, but how the car drives and feels. Just like the original Demon, the Demon 170 will become a future classic.


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