Infiniti’s flagship QX80 SUV has a lot to recommend it – an intimidating bearing, standard V8 power, and a warranty 10,000 miles longer than many competitors. But there’s no getting around it – it’s old. Essentially unchanged since 2010, the QX80 remembers when Game of Thrones premiered. It lived through almost all of Barack Obama’s first term. This full-size luxury SUV is almost old enough to drive itself.

So, it’s time for a new one. This week, Infiniti teased its replacement, coming for the 2025 model year.

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division, released a video showing glimpses of the 2025 model wrapped in camouflage alongside clips of designers working. It doesn’t reveal much. But what it does reveal tells us that, essentially, we’ve already seen the next QX80.

Infiniti has been planning a replacement for a long time. Last summer, the brand showed off a concept car that was almost certainly the next QX80 in full. Called the QX Monograph, it kept the chiseled presence of the current model but updated the look with a sculpted grille inspired by a bamboo forest and a gradient of rear lights inspired by piano keys.

The model in the teaser video looks exactly like it. That’s good news, as the Monograph is a stunning concept.

We know less about what’s under the hood. Infiniti has teased its first electric car and promised four new models in the coming years. But the company has said little about what will power the next QX80.

We expect to learn more on March 20, when Infiniti will reveal its new flagship in a livestream event.

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