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Most of the time, people think of unflashy or “soccer mom” cars to buy when they want a safe ride to work that will also lower their insurance costs. Sports cars are stereotyped as being impractical and too much about prioritizing looks and comfort over safety measures.

Is this really the accurate reflection or representation of the entire scope of cars and trucks out there on the market? Should stereotypes about make and model overtake effective research on the topic that might delight you with surprising results? It may seem silly, but sports cars are not what they used to be characterized as. 

With some research, you can discover that certain muscle cars combine all these elements in one package. Dodge has a couple of sports cars in this category, with the Challenger and the Charger being two of the most popular. The Dodge Challenger safety rating and crash test ratings are high on the majority of models in the last half-decade. 

We’ll look at what types of Dodge muscle cars offer the best safety accessories in the car, how those items will lower your insurance costs, and what you can expect for the future of muscle car safety. 

What safety options do Dodges have?

Driving muscle cars has always been an American tradition like no other. The great news is that new options, like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, have a lot more safety features than classics like the 1968 Dodge Charger, which are more known for looking awesome and deserve to be stowed away for your protection and the cars. 

The majority of Dodge Charger models since 2016 have rated at least four stars in all crash test ratings, an important test that consumers and car salespeople care about to protect their potential buyers from tragic circumstances while galavanting in their hot ride. 

Extra safety features such as brake assist, traction control, daytime running lights, airbags on every side of the vehicle, and four-wheel disc brakes are all new additions to this muscle car experience. Rest assured that they are now right there for you, and your insurance company likes that, too.

How are Dodges insured?

There are some challenges to insuring muscle cars because of the hype surrounding them and the potential downfalls of particular demographics when they are behind the wheel of one. The best ways to get great insurance rates on these vehicles are to not have younger people on your insurance plan and to always keep up on the aforementioned safety amenities. 

You should even find that the number of features on these muscle cars that are lacking on some other vehicles could lead to even more discounts if you find the best option for you after comparing rates. 

State Farm and GEICO have the largest market share of insurance policies on these types of cars because they have a history of working with these consumers. 

You can expect that insurance companies will continue to provide better rates for these sportier models as the car manufacturers continue to upgrade their safety features to keep up with modern times and the need for driving with protection. 

Just because you look good while driving doesn’t mean you need to skimp on safety, and the Dodge Charger is a great example of this new philosophy.

Picture1   Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, He cares about helping consumers find the safest vehicles for the best prices and insurance rates.


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