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By Dave Ashton

Once you have saved all your precious pennies for your favorite muscle car, it’s now time to choose an appropriate body color. Do you choose your own favorite color, the wife’s(mainly to justify the loss of bank funds) or something else? If you can’t decide, Dodge is releasing a limited edition multicolored car wrap, highlighting the 14 colors of the current range.

As for the color combo, it goes like this: Plum Crazy, Frostbite, B5 Blue, Sublime, F8 Green, Go Mango, Sinamon Stick, Octane Red, TorRed, Triple Nickel, Destroyer Grey, Granite, Pitch Black and White Knuckle.

Multicolor Wrap

For those wanting to order the custom wrap, it’s available via the Dodge Garage website ( The wrap itself is produced by CG Detroit, with a price tag of $3,700. The wrap will also need professional installation by ideally a 3M-certified installer at an extra cost. The wrap is also available for all Challenger models dating back to 2008 including widebody versions.

The idea of adorning a Mopar with all the paint colors of the time harks back to 1970. In that year, Plymouth painted one of their Barracudas with the 25 colors they offered at the time as a marketing/ad. campaign. This model eventually became known as the Paint Chip Car.

Multicolor Wrap old challenger

Comparing the old to the new version of the multi-colored idea, my own preferences go for the older model. The older line-up of 25 colors with thinner stripes and more subdued seventies colors seems to blend together more seamlessly. However, if you want to give your present Challenger or a new one a distinctive look, the multicolored wrap could be a consideration.


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