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muscle car crash test

By Dave Ashton

Slamming cars into things and things into cars seems to be the best way to observe how a vehicle reacts in a potential crash. All roadgoing vehicles have to go through this rigorous testing phase along with the most common makes of muscle cars such as Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

IIHS HLDI or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway loss data Institute has the job of testing out roadgoing vehicles for how they react in various types of collisions. The videos below demonstrate how 2016 versions of a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger are put through their crash test paces and the general outcomes for each vehicle.

Bear in mind that these video tests are from 2016. Vehicle safety is an ongoing work in progress, with the results fed back to the manufacturers to implement ever-better standards. So, expect a vehicle in the 2020s to have far more safety features than even a car from a few years before.


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