At Carvana, we like to live life in the fast lane – always looking forward to what’s next and the opportunities that await us. But sometimes, it’s just as important to take a moment and appreciate where we are – and how far we’ve come. Pit Stops helps us do just that, showcasing the wonderful Carvanians who help drive our customers happy.

What Is Pit Stops?

Pit Stops is an (in)formal interview series featuring Masha, a Senior Product Manager here at Carvana, as she interviews people across the company. 

It’s an opportunity for customers to discover just what goes into the day-to-day of Carvana – and the people keep our wheels spinning. Let’s explore the pit stops we’ve taken so far…

Pit Stops Featuring: David, Public Relations Specialist

Our first Pit Stops featured David, a Public Relations Specialist here at Carvana. Learn more about his history, what he does here at Carvana, and what it takes to build a masterful Lego racecar. 

Pit Stops Featuring: Max, Senior Manager – Verification

Learn more about what our verification team does with our second Pit Stops, featuring Max – a Senior Manager here at Carvana. Max talks about his story, his time here at Carvana, how the company has changed since he started, and last (but certainly not least) what it takes to build a Lego car built for the whole family. 

As we continue to take Pit Stops across Carvana, we’re excited to help customers and employees alike learn more about our teams and the Carvanians who drive us (and our customers) forward every day.

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