Communities offer an invaluable platform for people to build meaningful connections with one another. For Carvana Senior Advocate Brian, that’s what makes Creative Mornings special. 

“Creatives Mornings is a breakfast lecture series that meets once a month… around the world to discuss the same topic,” he explains. 

Once upon a time, Creative Mornings was a small collective based in New York City. Now, the organization has chapters across 225 cities and 67 countries. 

Attending Creative Mornings doesn’t cost anything, highlighting the organization’s commitment to helping creatives network and find a platform – and making the additional services it offers all the more impressive. Creative Mornings hosts and drives publicity for member projects, helping creatives make a living from what they care about most. The organization also highlights companies dedicated to preserving creativity and community, allowing members to seek professional opportunities that help them feel valued. 

Brian sets up the new videography and audio recording setup at Phoenix Creative Mornings.
Brian sets up the new videography and audio recording setup at Phoenix Creative Mornings.

Brian’s history with Creative Mornings began over five years ago, when his wife introduced him to the project. Then, in the summer of 2019, they took over the Phoenix chapter to prevent it from shutting down. With that new responsibility came new challenges. 

“We had an incredible video guy pre-pandemic, then life happened, and he had to pull back, which was unfortunate,” Brian said. Determined to make the chapter as inclusive as possible and bring it into the digital era, Brian worked with Carvana to get new cameras, tripods, and microphones, setting up a video-recording system for the chapter’s meetings. “Our videos are already ten times better,” he notes. 

“Carvana helped Creative Mornings zag forward into a video solution that was long-term and beneficial not just for us, but for anybody else who’s going to attend virtual or in-person.”

It’s not just the Phoenix chapter that benefits from Brian’s video-recording efforts. Filming chapter speakers and meetings enables a global community of creatives to tap into that wellspring of knowledge and inspiration. 

“This is a really great opportunity to socialize and connect with other creatives,” says Erica, a member of the Phoenix chapter. “I’ve been coming to Creative Mornings for years because I value the time with the creative community,” follows Aaron, another member. 

Creatives gather to network and attend speaking events at the Phoenix chapter.
Creatives gather to network and attend speaking events at the Phoenix chapter.

For Brian, the power of Creative Mornings lies in not only its ability to support its members, but also in the positive impact those members take with them into the world.

“Supporting creatives matters because we have two children, and what we do with our creativity as adults shapes how they’re going to see the world through their own lens as they grow,” he says.

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In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg wanted to “create an accessible, inspiring event for people to meet” – and Creative Mornings was born. Colloquially called “TED for the rest of us” by some members, the organization supports networking and professional opportunities for creatives across the globe. Want to get creative? See if there’s a chapter near you! 

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