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ford mustang

by Dave Ashton

Sustainable fuel company Coryton and The British Motor Show are demonstrating how a Ford Mustang muscle car can be run in a carbon-neutral future.

The elephant in the room for most muscle car owners, and classic car owners alike, is what is going to happen in the future concerning traditional fuels. With the way things are going, an alternative is needed, which has led to the British motor show running a Ford Mustang for 6 months on Coryton ‘Sustain’ biofuel. The vehicle will be run for 1,000 miles per month while raising awareness around the UK in the same time period.

The biofuel in question is produced from various types of agricultural wastes. The plan is also to use oils that are sustainable, eco-friendly tires and non-new car parts for maintenance. The fuel being used is pump to tank, and it will also be a test bed for developing other specialist fuels for the likes of motorsport.

After the six-month period, the carbon footprint of the Mustang will be calculated against the regular output of a gas-fed Mustang. The findings will also be compared against a regular EV vehicle.

The project results will be released this August at the British Motor Show, with regular updates coming throughout the test period.



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