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pontiac connecting rods

By Dave Ashton

Have you ever wondered why certain makes and models of cars last the distance while others don’t? Considering all the variables involved in a car’s design, it can be just one component that breaks the performance chain. In the accompanying video, Uncle Tony’s Garage provides us with not only a back history of the inner workings of muscle cars, but also why some just didn’t last the distance.

One of the topics covered explains why Pontiac didn’t reach the heights it should have. In essence, this could have been down to a design flaw in one critical component.

The video itself is worth a watch providing firsthand, behind-the-scenes information from a guy who has been working on these cars for decades. It’s a bit like hearing insider tips on the real pros and cons of classic muscle cars and how those shortcomings can be rectified. As stated in the video, if the car is driven within factory parameters then the components should last. This is a different story if the car is tuned or modified.

The other bonus here is the comments and feedback on the video page from real users, documenting their own experiences. Basically, anecdotes from people who actually owned these type of cars themselves, the problems they overcame, and in some cases how they were fixed. In other words, if you already own a classic muscle car or are in the market to get hold of one, all this information could be incredibly useful. Especially if you want to push its current power levels.


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