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By Dave Ashton

This collection of AMC(American Motors Corporation) muscle cars has triple appeal. Firstly, the rarest examples of AMC vehicles from the classic muscle car era, 5 of these in total and, the only existing collection of 1969 – 1970 American Motors painted in the AMC red-white-and-blue.

The five AMC vehicles are currently listed on Craigslist, Phoenix Arizona, with each vehicle being restored by the seller’s workshop AZ AMC Restorations.

In no particular order, the five vehicles include a 1969 AMC Super Stock AMX, one of 52, with this example being the very last one to be built. The AMX also had a very respectable racing career, being three-time regional NHRA champion.
A 1970 AMC Javelin comes next, one of 100, along with a 1970 AMC Rebel The Machine, being one of 1,000. Lastly, there are a pair of 1969 Hurst/SC Ramblers. One of the pair is a 1 of 1,200, the other 1 of 300.

As per the ad, ‘The Hurst SC/Ramblers, Rebel Machine and Trans AM Javelin are all equipped with day two “Group 19” (or equivalent) dealer performance package upgrades.
They produce anywhere from 100 – 200 additional HP and #52 Dream SS AMX, American Dream, and are equipped as raced with the exception of more street and show-friendly Holley 450 carburetors.
Also, the lettering decals on the SS AMX were reproduced to replicate the lettering during its championship days but over the original Hurst provided Red, White and Blue paint scheme.’

The only real downside to the listing is the vehicles are being sold as a collection. This means that if you want this set of highly unique AMC muscle cars you will need to cough up $600,000. Collections of things are usually harder to sell than individually, but with such a unique and rare lineup, there is bound to eventually be a collector out there willing to take the plunge.



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