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dodge charger

By Dave Ashton

In our modern age where we have video cameras everywhere, satellite imaging, and drones clocking our every move, there are still hidden gem vehicles stored away right under our noses. In this case, it’s a vintage 1969 Dodge Charger R/T that has been in storage for 56 years.

The back story to this particular Dodge Charger R/T starts with only 6 years of initial driving, from then it was stored from 1975 onwards. Specification-wise, the Charger is an R/T with the SE package, sporting a 440c.u.(7.2L) V8, with a 4-barrel carb., rated at roughly 375HP when new. The main body color is Y3 cream, and of course, the car is all original, and numbers matching.

The accompanying video below details the initial inspection of the Charger, making it fit to roll out of its resting place, and taken away for restoration. What’s also remarkable is the Charger had a 1971 Corvette living next door, also waiting to be reinvigorated to its former glory.

The 1971 Corvette is not as original, with a replacement engine. But, it is in far better condition than the Charger and was last driven around 2006.

This succinct muscle car find should give you inspiration for finding your own hidden gems. You never know, there could be a garage or barn just around the corner from you storing the next hidden rarity…


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