• The 2023 Kia Rio starts at $16,450, plus $1,055 for delivery.
  • With ten years of powertrain coverage, it’s one of the least expensive ways to get into a new car under warranty this year.

In a year when the average new car sells for over $48,000, there’s an undeniable charm to a car you can buy three of for that price. But the most affordable cars are also the most endangered.

When automakers are low on microchips needed to build their products, they use the chips they can get to produce their most profitable products. Inexpensive subcompact sedans are not their most profitable products.

Hence, the competition to build the least expensive new car is shrinking. Chevrolet earlier this year put the last champ — the 2022 Chevy Spark — out to pasture. Hyundai walked away from its subcompact Accent for 2023 as well.

That leaves the title just barely in the hands of the little 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage, with its $16,245 sticker (plus $995 destination and handling).

The 2023 Kia Rio won’t quite give it a run for that little money. But it’s close.

Kia’s subcompact starts at $16,450 for the 2023 model year. It costs a little more than the Mitsubishi to deliver — just $60 more. Both get effectively the same warranty with 5 years or 60,000 miles bumper-to-bumper and 10 years/100,000 miles on the powertrain.

Updates for 2023? Ha ha. In its press release touting the Rio, Kia says it’s “largely a carryover,” with exactly one documented update — a new oil level sensor alert.

We’re still awaiting an update on the other subcompact car that might make it into 2023, the Nissan Versa.

2023 Kia Rio Pricing:

Kia also charges $1,055 to deliver the Rio.

LX 4-Door Sedan $16,450
S 4-Door Sedan $17,090
S 5-Door $17,390


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